SS/MLSS Analyzer



SS/MLSS Analyzer


SMART series intelligent multi-parameter universal controller has high accuracy, its unique professional design can be applied in water, chemical, pharmaceutical, food and hygiene in the production process of the most extreme physical and chemical environments. SMART series intelligent multi-parameter universal controller has modular bus structure, highly scalable functionality, high reliability and comfortable operation.

Measurement principle

Turbidity/Suspended Solids Concentration refers to the degree of hindrance of suspended solids in water to light transmission.

Turbidity means that when a beam of light passes through a liquid medium, part of the light will be refracted on the surface of the insoluble particles. The degree of light refraction is related to the size and shape of the particle. The intensity of the scattered light has a certain proportional relationship with the size of the particles.

When a beam of light passes through the suspended object to be measured, the light is absorbed by the measured object, and only a small part of the light is transmitted through after reflection and scattering. According to Lambert-Beer law lnS = CK * MLSS, the concentration of suspended matter has a certain proportional relationship with the transmittance of transmitted light.

Typical application

▲Source water monitoring

▲Filter backwash detection

▲Filter monitoring

▲Driking-water quality monitoring

▲Separation process monitoring

▲Cooling water monitoring

▲Circulating water detection

▲Sludge treatment monitoring

▲Aeration tank monitoring


★Directly measure the turbidity value and the suspended matter concentration

★Smart digital MEMS sensor

★Sensor self-diagnosis, proactively reminding maintenance and management

★Quick response

★IP68 Sensor

★Automatic temperature compensation

★Good robustness

★ Infrared optical sensor

★Directly measure the true turbidity value

★Comply with ISO 7027/ISO7020/EN27027 standards


▲Avoid bubble interference

▲The inclined surface of the probe faces the direction of the fluid, and the smooth sensor surface has a self-cleaning effect

▲Keep a distance of 20cm from the side wall or bottom, try to avoid the interference caused by the side wall

▲It is forbidden to install where suspended solid particles are easy to settle


The turbidity measurement with NTU or FNU as the unit of measurement does not require calibration.

Application Case

★Chlor-alkali: monitor the working status of the secondary brine filtration membrane

★Sewage: inlet, sludge treatment, dehydration, aeration tank and outlet, detection and control of water treatment process

★Drinking water: detect and control all steps of the drinking water treatment process

Controller features

• Quick and convenient

    The navigation menu contains 6 languages, which can be operated easily.

• Process safety

    4.3" or 7" large size color LCD touch screen, convenient and safe touch operation and debugging

    Large size screen with red flashing alarm, clearly visible from long distances and in dark areas

    Alarm immediately, safe the process    

• Alarm event record

    Real-time data curve display

    Record function for up to 6000 alarms

• Expert calibration function

   Multi-point calibration function up to 9 point

• Powerful self-diagnosis function

    Built-in heartbeat monitoring function and watchdog

    Monitor the status of controllers and sensors, and promptly remind customers to take necessary maintenance

    High-standard hardware and software security and password protection

• Powerful control function

    High(low) limit control function

    Optional: Timer control(automatic cleaning) function

    Optional: analog PID controller

    Optional: PWM controller

• Flexible fieldbus communication functions for IOT4.0

    Optional fieldbus MODBUS, HART, Foundation Fieldbus FF, PROFIBUS PA, PROFIBUS DP, etc.


Product datasheet: SS/MLSS Analyzer , if you need more information, please contact us at info@mzdd.de.

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