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Today, the most common way to produce green hydrogen is through electrolysis – a process that uses electricity from a completely renewable source to split water into hydrogen and oxygen. But if the hydrogen concentration remains constant, the sensor signal may increase or erroneously decrease with increasing water fractions, with errors of up to 2%H2. Hydrogen concentrations between 4 and 77 vol.% can produce explosive gas mixtures. Therefore, it is very important to eliminate and correct for humidity effects in catalytic combustion-based, metal oxide semiconductor-based and thermal conductivity-based hydrogen sensors during green hydrogen production.

Our new thermal conductivity H2 analyzer uses a hybrid equation algorithm to compensate for the effects of humidity and temperature on thermal conductivity sensors, providing a new better solution for the green hydrogen energy industry and a better future!


Thermal conductivity gas analyzer is an effective method to measure one of two components in a gas mixture (the thermal conductivities differ a lot). Mainly used to measure the content of hydrogen (H2), carbon dioxide (CO2), argon (Ar), etc. 

When the sample gas enters the thermal conductivity cell, and a thermistor is used above the film to maintain a constant temperature. In this way, a small cavity is formed below and above the membrane, and the measurement gas can diffuse into it. In this way, the heat loss caused by the thermal conductivity of the sample gas is compensated by heating, and the power required to maintain a constant temperature of the membrane is a measurement of the thermal conductivity of the measured gas.


★Built-in temperature and humidity compensation

★High-accuracy measurement

★Low drift

★Rugged and durable design

★Long life

★Fast response


• Quick and convenient

    The English navigation menu can be operated easily.

• Process safety

    1.8" color LCD screen, magnetic button operation and debugging

    LED alarm(NAMUR NE107), clearly visible from long distances and in dark areas

    Alarm immediately, safe the process

• Powerful self-diagnosis function

    Built-in heartbeat monitoring function and watchdog

    Monitor the status of transmitter and sensors, and promptly remind customers to take necessary maintenance

    High-standard hardware and software security and password protection

• Ex d IICT4 optional

• 2 Relays (2A, 230V AC/DC freely set alarm) and 1 Relay (System alarm)

• RS485 MODBUS communication

Measurement components and ranges

• H2:         0 ~ 1% ~100%

Product datasheet: Thermal Conductivity Gas Analyzer , if you need more information, please contact us at info@mzdd.de.

Hydrogen Analyzer, TCD Analyzer

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