Chlorine(Cl2) gas Analyzer(TCD,ATEX)




Thermal conductivity gas analyzer is an effective method to measure one of two components in a gas mixture (the thermal conductivities differ a lot). Mainly used to measure the content of hydrogen (H2), carbon dioxide (CO2), argon (Ar), etc. 


When the sample gas enters the thermal conductivity cell which is heated at a constant temperature of 63°C, and a thermistor is used above the film to maintain a constant temperature of 135°C. In this way, a small cavity is formed below and above the membrane, and the measurement gas can diffuse into it. In this way, the heat loss caused by the thermal conductivity of the sample gas is compensated by heating, and the voltage required to maintain a constant temperature of the membrane is a measurement of the thermal conductivity of the measured gas.


• Measurement of hydrogen (H2) content in synthesis gas of ammonia plant

• Purity measurement of hydrogen (H2) in hydrogenation unit

• Measurement of oxygen (O2) in pure hydrogen (H2) and hydrogen (H2) in pure oxygen (O2) in the process of producing hydrogen by electrolysis of water and oxygen

• Hydrogen (H2) content measurement in hydrocarbon gas

• Monitoring of hydrogen (H2) and carbon dioxide (CO2) content in hydrogen-cooled generator sets

• Measurement of hydrogen (H2) in chlorine (Cl2) in the chlorine production process

• Measurement of chlorine (Cl2) in the chlorine production process

• Measurement of carbon dioxide (CO2) content in flue gas of furnace combustion

• Argon (Ar) content measurement in air separation plant

• Monitoring in the production of pure gases, such as helium (He) in nitrogen (N2) and argon (Ar) in oxygen (O2)

• Sulfur dioxide (SO2) content measurement in the production process of sulfuric acid and phosphate fertilizer


• Corrosion protection

Sensor surface is coated with Polymer layer(4µm) which will not affect the excellent measurement performance of the sensor unit.

 Condensation and dust protection

The sintered glass with µm-sized holes is used to protect the sensor so that gas molecules can pass through, but liquid water molecules are not permeable. In addition, the sintered glass protective layer also reduces the dependence on gas flow.

 Multiple gas measurement modes

     The analyzer has 16 built-in binary mixed gas measurement modes and calibration curve.

• Convenient

    The navigation menu contains 6 languages, which can be operated easily.

• Process safety

    7" large size color LCD touch screen, convenient and safe touch operation and debugging

    Large size screen with red flashing alarm, clearly visible from long distances and in dark areas

    Alarm immediately, safe the process

• Data alarm record

    Real-time data curve display

    Record function for up to 6000 alarms

• Optional mass flow measurement and controller

• Expert calibration function

   Multi-point calibration function up to 9 point

• Powerful self-diagnosis function

    Built-in heartbeat monitoring function and watchdog

    Monitor the status of analyzer and sensors, and promptly remind customers to take necessary maintenance

    High-standard hardware and software security and password protection

• Powerful control function

    High(low) limit control function

    Optional: Timer control(automatic cleaning) function

    Optional: analog PID control function

    Optional: PWM control function

• Flexible fieldbus communication functions for IOT4.0

    Optional fieldbus MODBUS, HART, Foundation Fieldbus FF, PROFIBUS PA, PROFIBUS DP, etc.


• ATEX EExd II CT4 Optional

Product datasheet: Thermal Conductivity Gas Analyzer , if you need more information, please contact us at info@mzdd.de.

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