Infrared photometry analyzer




Infrared photometry analyzer uses high-performance light emitting diodes (IR-LED) and thermal micro radiators which are suitable to gas measurement technology. It has high stability and a low detection limit. In the spectral range from 2 μm to 12 μm, carbon dioxide(CO2), carbon monoxide(CO), hydrocarbons(CmHn) and nitrous oxide(N2O) can be measured.


Infrared photometry analyzer uses broadband radiation sources (thermal emitters). This radiation immediately reaches the measuring cuvette. There, specific spectral ranges are absorbed from the broadband spectrum of the radiation source. The measuring detector which contains at least 2 separate channels, is located at the end of the measuring cuvette. In the simplest case the measuring channel has an interference filter placed in front of the detector. The reference detector also has an interference filter in front of the detector, but with a spectral transmission range (approx. 4 µm) where no absorption takes place. Afterwards a detector measures the specific radiation absorption. The evaluation electronics use the two signals to calculate the gas concentration in the measuring cuvette. Alternatively, a detector with several measuring channels can be placed at the end of the measuring cuvette, so that 3 components to be recorded simultaneously.


• Environmental and Process Measurement Technology (CEM)

• Engine development 

• Elemental analysis 

• Industrial gas analysis 

• Natural gas/biogas analysis 

• Process measurement technology 

• Biogas research


• Measuring accuracy: ±2 % F.S

• Sensor sample cell: aluminium/gold

• High dynamic range, 1:100

• Fast response time, t90 is about 3 s

• Convenient

    The navigation menu contains 6 languages, which can be operated easily.

• Process safety

    7" large size color LCD touch screen, convenient and safe touch operation and debugging

    Large size screen with red flashing alarm, clearly visible from long distances and in dark areas

    Alarm immediately, safe the process

• Data alarm record

    Real-time data curve display

    Record function for up to 6000 alarms

• Expert calibration function

   Multi-point calibration function up to 9 point

• Powerful self-diagnosis function

    Built-in heartbeat monitoring function and watchdog

    Monitor the status of analyzer and sensors, and promptly remind customers to take necessary maintenance

    High-standard hardware and software security and password protection

• Powerful control function

    High(low) limit control function

    Optional: Timer control(automatic cleaning) function

    Optional: analog PID control function

    Optional: PWM control function

• Flexible fieldbus communication functions for IOT4.0

    Optional fieldbus MODBUS, HART, Foundation Fieldbus FF, PROFIBUS PA, PROFIBUS DP, etc.


Measurement components and ranges

• CO:    0 ~ 200ppm up to 100%(Vol)

• CO2:   0 ~ 50ppm up to 100%(Vol)

• CnHm:  0 ~ 500ppm up to 100%(Vol) 

• N2O:   0 ~ 500ppm up to 100%(Vol)

Product datasheet: Infrared photometry analyzer , if you need more information, please contact us at info@mzdd.de.

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